View your purchase history with one click! 

From your personal virtual wardrobe you will see all your earlier purchased products and you can easily re-order your favourite products. Wardrobe helps you to remember the styles that work the best for you and keep you on track with your order history.  



Add your favourite products easily to memory when and where ever! 

Don´t you have just now time for checking the products more closely? No worry, you can save all your favourite products to the same page with Favourite function and continue shopping and get to know the products later on. 

When logging user you find easily and handy all your own favourite products from the one place by using Favourite -function.  


Choose Online, try in-store 

Take advantage of Online and in-store benefits together! 

Buy fast and safely! With our new service you can benefit from both Online and in-store advantages at the same!  Browse products Online at home when best time for you and click chosen products to the store near by for fitting.  

With this service you can ensure, fast and easily, that products you want are waiting for you in-store. Simple and fast! 


Shortening of trousers Online

Get perfectly fitted and ready shortened trousers for you also from Online store!  

Are you tired of too long trousers? Save yourself from extra work and let us shorten your trousers for you. Click from home coach trousers with shorten to shopping cart and after few days you get custom-made trousers at your home. Easy and effortless! 


Exchange and return

Even easier and faster exchange and return process!  

Now it is possible to record exchanges and returns simple and easily Online! It works by logging to your own customer account. No more extra work by filling different forms, but exchange and return records come to our attention when you have filled the form Online. 

After exchange/ return notice products are packed and customer return sticker sticked on the top of the package. Package to Posti and then you can start to wait our notice - Effortless and simple!


Chat- and phone service

If you have any concerns, please contact our customer service! We are happy to help you!  

In our web page you can easily chat with us by using Chat -service.  Chat service is found from our Web page´s right upper corner. We will reply to your questions on weekdays between 9:30-17:00.  Outside this time period you can send us message via Chat and we will reply for you on next weekday. 

Also our phone service helps you on weekdays between 9:30-17:00 in phone number 040 577 8707. 

Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you in all situations! 

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