Exchange and return policy

Exchange and return

Products ordered from Online store has full exchange and return right in 14 days from the day products have been received.  Exchange and return concerns only products not used or harmed. Product´s price and other labels need to be in place.  Exchange and return is free.  

Faulty product 

If you get faulty product we try to replace it with the new one. If we cannot replace the faulty product you get a refund. 

Product exchange

If you want to exchange product´s size or colour, exchange is free. If you want to exchange product for another product, it will be handled as an new order and possible price difference will be either invoiced or refunded to your bank account. The exchange form need to be recorded in your own customer page: www.housukauppa.fi  or you need to add the filled exchange form came within the original order to the package. We will send you new product when we have received the return.


Product return

Products are returned as Posti´s customer return well packed using the original package. Return need to be recorded in your own customer page: www.housukauppa.fi or you need to add filled return form came within the original order to the package.  


We will refund the returned product to you when we have received the return to our warehouse. Refund will be done same as the original payment method. Depending on the bank transfer will take 1-3 weekdays. 

Exchange and return ID

Within the original order you have received customer return sticker which is sticked in top of the exchange or return package. In sticker there is already filled the exchange and return ID and return address. The package with the customer return sticker is delivered to your nearest Posti office.  

Customer return ID and return address to Posti: 

Posti customer return ID: 605535

Return address: Naisten Pukutehdas Oy, Tarmontie 9, 15860 Hollola

It is good to require receipt from the Posti for the return just in case. 

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