Selecting the product

Browse products Online, choose the products you like and add them easily to the shopping cart!

You can browse products Online by product group or use one of the filters in the upper corner of the web page. With filter you can get product selection by specific body type, size, inseam, colour or price.  You may also search the specific product with five number model number by using the search menu.  

After you have found the right product, you can add it easily to the shopping basket by clicking "Add to the shopping cart" button. Please remember to add also correct colour and size!


You get to the checkout by clicking "Checkout" button in the right upper corner. Earlier registered customers can at this point log into their customer account.  If you are a new customer, please fill your information and move to checkout by clicking "Continue" button.  

In checkout you can see all the products you have chosen. It is good to check that all the colours and sizes are correct. In checkout phase you can choose how you want products to be delivered, payment method and finalize the order.

If you want to adjust your order it can be done in "Shopping cart". In the shopping cart you can remove products from the order. If you want to add products, you can browse products Online normally. All the earlier chosen products stay in the shopping cart.  


Payment methods

Pay now, delivery to home - Products are paid in Internet bank or with other payment method immediately and after the payment is logged, products are delivered to your home address. 

Pay now, delivery to the Mail collecting point - Products are paid in Internet bank or with other payment method immediately and after the payment is logged, products are delivered to the Mail collecting point. 

Try on and pay in store - Products are delivered to the chosen store for fitting and you pay only the products you want to buy in store. 

Advance payment - The order is paid at the same when you pick up the package from Posti.

Advance payment in Internet bank, delivery to home - After the order you will get payment info to your email. When the payment is logged, we send the order for your home address.   

Order confirmation

When products have been paid or some other payment method chosen, has order left to our logistics team. After the order you get the order confirmation to your email. 

When order has sent from our warehouse, you get delivery confirmation by text message. 

Customer service

If you have any concerns or hesitations, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you with our assortment and ordering. 

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