Can the product found from Online store be also available in store?
Online store you find only products available in Online store, not all stores. If you want to ensure that specific product and size is available in store, we recommend to use NP`s "Choose Online, try in-store"- service. You may also inquire product info from our customer service by Chat or phone. 

Where can I find product measurements? 
From our web page section "How Do I find the right size" you find the size charts and body types which help you to estimate right size for you. There is also more detailed product information, material and inseam length behind each product.  

Where can I buy a gift card?
Gift cards can be bought from Online store and all stores. You may choose the amount for gift card yourself. 

Can the gift card be used in all stores?
Yes, gift cards can be used in all stores and Online. Gift cards are valid one year from the date of purchase. 

Can I try on the ordered products before the final buying decision? 
Payment method with invoice is not unfortunately possible at the moment. You may however to choose the products you like from Online,  try on the products in store and only pay the products you want to purchase after fitting. 

How Do I know if the order has gone through? 
You get the order confirmation to our email after you have sent the order. If you cannot find the order confirmation, please check that email has not been directed to your junk mail. 

Can I order products to abroad?
At the moment we ship products Finland and Sweden. 

Can I add or remove products from the order? 
You may remove and add products in shopping cart before check-out. If the order has been already paid, products cannot be changed. You can however be in contact with us by chat or phone service if you notice that there is mistake on the order and it has not been shipped yet. 

Can I pay the products with invoice?
We do not have invoice payment at the moment. The order can be paid by credit card, Internet bank, Mobile pay or advance payment by Posti. You can also choose advance payment when we send you the invoice to your email after order. When the invoice has been paid we ship the product to Posti.  


What kind of shipping methods do you have in Online store?
Shipping from Online store is free at the moment. Products can be ordered directly to home, Mail collecting point or advance payment by Posti. 

When the order will be shipped?
We  handle and ship all the products in order. Delivery time is usually 1-3 weekdays from the order. You get the delivery confirmation by text message when the order has been shipped to Posti.  

How Do I know that the order has been sent? 
You get the delivery confirmation when we ship the products for you. There is also tracking ID which helps you to follow the delivery flow online. 

How and where the products will be shipped?
The order is delivered to the address with shipping method you have chosen to the order. You can choose from home delivery by Posti, Mail collecting point or chosen NP store. 


How Do I exchange or return a product?
Easiest way is to record exchange/ return form Online, www.housukauppa.fi or you can fill and add the exchange/ return form, you have received with the original order, to the package.  Exchange and return is free if you use the customer return sticker came with the original order. Please check more: Exchange and return. 

When products can be exchanged? 
We give to our products full exchange and return rights 14 days from the date products are received. Exchange and return right concerns only products not used or harmed. 

When and how Do I get money back if I return ordered products? 
We return money back to your bank account after we have received the customer return. In order to speed up the return process, please record the exchange/return form in your own customer page at www.housukauppa.fi or add the filled exchange/ return form to the package. Depending on the bank, money transfer takes usually 1-3 weekdays. 

What should I do if the product has fault? 
We take full responsibility of our products and compensate for the faulty product. We try to replace the faulty product with the new one. If we cannot replace the faulty product, you get a refund.  Faulty product need to be returned to Naisten Pukutehdas Oy as a customer return. Product bought from the store, we kindly ask you to contact the store you have bought it.  


How can I join for a loyal customer? 
You can join to our loyal customer in all stores or easily directly Online. 

Is there any time limitation for using the loyal customer scores?  
Our loyal customer scores do not expire or have any limitations on how long you can collect them. Loyal customer scores stays in you customer account as long until you use them with your next purchase. After you have used your five scores, collecting the scores starts over again. 

Are the Online purchases also accumulating the loyal customer scores? 
Yes, all the purchases Online and in stores are collecting the scores when you have logged into your account. 

Can I combine two discounts? 
For the same product you can use only one, biggest available, discount at the time. Discounts cannot be combined, but you can f.eg. buy  promotional products and use campaign code for another products. 

How Do I add campaign code Online?
Campaign code can be added in shopping cart in point "Campaign code". In store you can utilize the campaign code by mentioning the code to the cashier. 

How the loyal customer scores are used? 
You can use your 15 euro discount in shopping cart by clicking in point Stamp discount "Use" button. Loyal customer scores cannot be combined with other offers. 
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