Care instructions

Take care of your trousers correctly and extend their lifecycle! 

So that you have chance to wear your favourite trousers as long as possible, we have chosen only the best materials to our collections. Our materials are sustainable, easy to care and the stay beautiful for long time.  

You can help to retain the long lifecycle of your trousers by taking care of the product correctly. Taking care of clothes is simple- Always follow the washing instructions in the washing label! Easy. 

Tips for clothing maintenance 

Doses detergent correctly - Too little detergent do not wash your laundry clean and too much do not wash away from the laundry. 

Set the spinning degree suitable for laundry - Too hard spinning causes too strong mechanical consumption for laundry.

With black clothes avoid using detergent which is actually meant for black laundry - It may cause colour fading (as funny as it sounds this notice we have done). 

Our products do not like tumble dry -Please dry the product in twine, laundry rack or hanger. 


Avoid using the fabric softener - It weakens the elastic fibre, may affect skin symptoms and is extra chemical load for nature. 

Favor laundry vinegar if needed - It removes smell, brightens the colours, neutralize alkaline residues from the laundry, soften the laundry and clean up the machine tumbler.  

It is worthwhile to get to know different washing programs in your machine - That way you always know how to choose the right program to your laundry. 

Sometimes it is wise to consider if washing is necessary at all or airing the garment would be enough. 

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