Aino Rosendahl (nee Tuominen) worked 10 years as employed of other doing in many kind of tasks at sewing studio before she decided to start as entrepreneur with strong experience. Strong faith for herself and qualitative working has carried over many generations to this day. NP has been and still are strongly Finnish family-owned company and expert of clothing since 1919 when Aino started the business.  Today NP offers large assortment of trousers for women and men and is developing all the time something new. 
Vuorikatu 31 - Hämeenkatu 4, Lahti
One woman sewing studio enlarged when here, Lahti city centre, acquired the first electric motor operated sewing machine in Finland. Clothes are started to be produced as serial work.    
Hämeenkatu 4- Lahdenkatu (later on Erkonkatu), Lahti
In 1930´s Naisten Pukutehdas Oy had over 200 workers. In war time, factory was not producing women clothing but it concentrated on war time limited production. The year 1939 they are manufacturing army´s summer blouses and snow costumes which are sewn in long work shifts. 
Mestarinkatu 10, Sopenkorpi, Lahti
“Steel learning, steel learning!”, heard Aino´s exhortation to the beginners of sewing at the new Sopenkorva factory. Works are learned in practice by following how others do. Quality of work is monitored and tasks are shared according the skills. Straight seam is practiced first to the squared paper. Fabrics availability is limited so patterns layout and cutting are extremely exact work. 
'You know about old that we strive always for highest possible quality and good prices.` Naisten pukutehdas.
Time of reconstruction enables design clothes for women and girls. There is lots of work to do. Fashion starts to interest and people invest more and more for design and outlook. Fashionable skiing anoraks and coats with fur collars were the most important product group in 1950.
“Onion, nut, ananas and fan.” Every print has its own name. 
Showy prints are a topic, but at the factory they are investing in a pleat machine which gets terylene to pleats. The demand of women trousers start strengthen as well and the serialization  measurement chart is edited with help by pattern makers. In 1966-1968 the factory moved to Hollola. Amount of workers is the biggest in the whole history of Naisten Pukutehdas. Factory starts to export to other Nordic countries. 
“It was correctly reported that now all start to swallow", worker tells.
Computing based pricing and production planning are taken to use. Nina & Pii trademarks are placed in the markets. Nina is more traditional Mrs line. Pii brings youth and trendy fashion to the collections. Mass production is started and Salpakangas factory opens own trousers production line.
“Quality and elegance” New Fonttana- collection was launched.
Party wear and spectacular. The collection is very international by nature. Customers are served as well as possible and with pride of workmanship. Sewers are doing almost tailor-made styles  taking into account the personal need of customers. 
"The right pants for you. Good fit.” NP- pants AD.
NP invest all the resources to export markets  by specializing and intensifying production. At the same time NP pants concept is launched to the markets. Brainstorming is developed on the web where a virtual trousers machine shows just the right styles for you.  
Company opens its own retail store to the shopping centres and digital service channels are developed. 
Own store chain concept is built. In 2006 the first own NP store was opened and year later also Online store. 
“Fitted without fitting.” Work with developing the digital trousers-ID continue i.e. In the future customer can trust that with her saved trousers measurements we can offer suitable styles for her/ him. 
In 2010´s focus was on women trousers. NP trousers concept has a long history. Developing the perfectly fitted trousers for many different body types has been a long process. Activities continue as strong as its original founder Aino was. The trousers-ID concept is still developed in Finland. 
Fit4Man - men trousers collection launch in 2021
Developing new services Online continue in order to improve the customer experience. ( Read more about new service.)

In addition, at Fall 2021  trousers assortment enlarges for men trousers. Fit4Man ja MAC-trademark trousers are available Online and in Tripla, Tampere ja Lahti stores. 
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